Azul is the 'Brains' in Combo ninos. Her totem is Aguila (Eagle).


Azul is the most intelligent member out of the Combo Ninos due to her excelling at academics and knowing when something is wrong and is there to stop them (But they might not always listen to her advice especially Paco). She is intuitive but sometimes bossy. She is a lover of fashion.

She has a fear of insects and snakes. Her phobia of insect is shown at Episode 2, when Insecto infests the town with insects and she shows her unwillingness to fight against an insect Divino. Luckily, she managed face her fear and defeat Insecto, along with the other members of the Combo Ninos. Later on in the series, it is shown that her fear of bugs hasn't been fully conquered as she looks terrified when Insecto manged to fuse himself with Duplico and Buffalo. At episode 17 Mama Conda, she was also able to face her fear of snakes as she managed to befriend a female offspring of a snake Divino.


Azul fights and studies capoiera along with the other three members of the Combo Ninos.

Azul has the Divino Berry by her side. She can use it to locate the Divino and analyze the Divino.
Azul and divine berry

Azul with the Divine Berry

When she transforms into Aguila, she has the ability to fly, create a strong gust of wind by simply flapping her wings, create a tornado, communicate and control birds to do her bidding and make an ear-piercing screech.

Azul's feelings towards SerioEdit

It is not known if Azul actually likes Serio as Serio likes her. She doesn't know that Serio has feelings towards her but is shown to have feelings towards him (these however can be platonic and is left to be interpreted). These are the episodes that shows hints of Azul's feelings for Serio:

  • The Doubles (she was very happy to see him when she got out of the Divino world and kissed Serio on the cheek.)
  • Big Bad Buffalo (She was happy when Serio wasn't hurt when he was sneezed out by the Big Bad Buffalo)
  • El Gaseoso (Azul and Serio were so close to kissing each other on the lip but was interrupted by Paco who was calling to be rescued from the gas cloud he was trapped in).
  • Kiss,Kiss,Love,Love (Azul was under a spell and fell in love with him. However this is very questionable since this might not actually be her true feeling for Serio).
  • The Night of the Zombies (Azul praised Serio by kissing him and telling he was a good leader).