The Combo Ninos first series consisits of 26 episodes:

(WARNING! These episode are translated and some translation or the episode names in english are inaccurate if you find the correct name for the episode, please edit this to the correct name)

1.Double me

2.Giant Insects

3.Big Bad Buffalo

4.Masks (Mascara)

5.Dream Divino

6.The Mariachi Loco

7.The Gaseous one

8.Baby Divino

9.Kiss, Kiss, love, love

10.Selvasa alive!

11.The knights of Nizza

12.Senor Aqua

13. The Gecko

14.The Parrot Bullies

15.The Fantastic Combo Ninos

16.The attack of the Combo Divino

17.Mama Conda

18.Monkey Madness


Part 1-

Part 2-

19.The Night of the zombies

20.Inside the Divino world

21.Child Grinto


Part 1-

Part 2-

22.Inner exchange (Inter cambio)

23.Luck (Suetre)

24.The Divino code

25.Paco the Millionare (Paco el Millionaire)

26.Diadoro the Divino (Divino Diadoro)