Paco is the 'Leader' and 'Jock' of the combo ninos. His totem is Toro.


Paco is the person who often leads the group. He is tough and competitive, especially in Novanok, his favourite sports. But he is shy in certain situation, pretty modest and has a bad temper when somehting upsets him. Even though he tends to 'leap before he thinks', makes fun of poeple sometimes and is awful at academics, he is a good person who will protect his friends.

His cathcphrase is: "Combo Ninos Vamonos!"


When he transforms into Toro, he has superhuman strength (which can match the divinos), use his two front hoofs (which are his arms) to stomp, which causes the ground to crack and send out shockwaves by clapping his two hooves together. He often rolls into a ball and uses his horn to bash things.


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