Pilar is the 'Cheerful Girl'  of the Combo Ninos. Her totem is Iguana.


Pilar is a sociable yet eccentric girl. She likes to eat many strange things such as insects, raw fish (she tries to with gravy) and some plants (that is not known to be edible or not). Her favourite food is pistachio and raspberry mania icecream.

Throughout the series she looked cheerful (though sometimes serious), in episode 21 she was put down on by the Combo Ninos for her performace and she became depressed and insecure which leads to trusting Deceptiva but ends up being tricked by her.

Pilar likes to mix up ingredients into a drink or broth (which doesn't look so edible at all) and loves music since she loves to dance and play musical instruments.

In battles, she's easily distracted but she come up with crazy ideas which actually helps in the battle.


When she transforms into a Iguana, she can climb on walls and use her flexible body and extendable tail to squeeze the life out of the divinos and act as a slingshot to shoot things escpecially the Combo Ninos and herself.