Serio is the 'Joker' of the Combo ninos in the series. He holds the totem of the Tigrillo.


Serio is a shy and modest boy. He likes poetry, performing and drawing. He is pretty funny and likes to add sarcastic remarks sometimes. In the night of the Zombies, he reluctantly becomes a leader (of course this due to a lack of confidence in himself.)

Serio has been tricked by divinos twice, one by the Big Bad Buffalo for the act of his talent show and one by Gecko for having the same interest as him. Serio tried to stand up for Gecko but ended up getting hit.

He also has a thing for wild cats (Episodes Intercambio and Code Divino).


He fights and studies the art of capoeira.
Tigrillo 2

Seio in tigrillo form, using his sharp claws to harm and cut divinos into pieces.

When he transforms into a Tiger, he has cat-like agililty, uses claws to attack and cut things. His other catlike ablity is roar, climb and land on two feet.

Serio's feeling's toward Azul

In the series, Serio is known to have a huge crush on Azul.Here are the episodes that shows hints of his feelings towards Azul:

  • The Doubles (He blushes and his eyes sparkled when being kissed on the cheek by Azul)
  • Big Bad Buffalo (He blushed when Azul said she was glad that he was okay).
  • The Dream Divino (He was staring at Azul dreamily at least two times at the episode).
  • El Gaseoso (He was about to kiss her when he save her from the green floating jelly).
  • Kiss Kiss Love Love (When he was about to send a love letter to Azul but threw it in the bin).
  • Mr. Aqua (He was jealous when Azul kissed Paco on the cheek).
  • The Gecko (when he was painting a picture of Azul and when she was in distress, it broke the hypnosis and he attacked El Gecko).
  • Monkey Madness (He declared his love to Azul but she didn't hear it, due to them wearing bubble gum earplugs to stop them from turning into monkeys).
  • Exchange (He said dreamily that he can see 'life' in her eyes after their souls returned to their original owners).