Even thought there are not much info about them, these are the students of Miss Soledad and classmates of the Combo Ninos (Of course they don't really know who the members actually are).


A student of the school of where the Combo ninos study. He wears glasses and a blue and orange striped t-shirt. He’s a huge fan of the Combo Ninos but doesn't realize that his friends (Serio, Paco, Azul and Pilar) that are his classmates, are the Combo Ninos.


A girl who is also the student of the school. Mili gets along with everyone and is very lively. She is a close friend of Michael. She does not even know that her friends (Azul,Pllar,Serio, and Paco) are the Combo Ninos.


A boy with a unisex haircut (similar to Azul's but it’s dark blue). Although he is incapitated in a wheelchair, he is an excellent player of Novanok and can make excellent piñatas. He always beats Paco at his favorite sport Novanok.


A boy who is a top student of the school. His grades are excellent and often boast about it and himself. He loves to make fun of Paco and his poor academic skills. He is a good friend of Pearla vice versa.


A rich girl who believes she’s the best and spends the day teasing everyone, especially Jousha and Pilar. She's a good friend of Telmo vice versa.