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  • MoodyROC

    Hello founder of the Combo ninos Wikia here!

    If you even bother to look at the wikia activity, I know I am very inactive for a couple of months. This is because of my busy school schedule. Even I if have time, I am either too lazy to edit or improve the wikia. To a couple of users and anons, who contributed just a little, I thank you.

    However I lost my passion for this cartoon yet this one of my favourtie cartoons I've ever watched.

    I will be checking on the wikia every week. I know this wikia need a lot of improvement...but I don't have the drive yet...

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  • MoodyROC

    I'll be adding videos to the wiki (Combo ninos episodes), if you have any objection against putting these video then I might possibly put them down. Otherwise I'll continue to add these videos to this wiki.

    Oh btw the videos in spanish and portuguese can be searched on youtube if want to watched them. From now, I just added the english version of the two episodes found on the internet.

    (Thank the uploader for uploading the english Combo ninos episodes, I really haven't seen the English version for a long while and I thought I'll never see this rare cartoon come back again).

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  • MoodyROC

    Urgh, so much things to do for this wiki, first add more pages, add information, refine it for the characters of the series (including recurring characters,antagonists, divinos and the protagonists), then catergorise them, edit the category page as welll. Add more pages for the episodes, blah, blah ,blah. Categorise them too then edit that as well. Add more pages for places and Miscellneous (significant objects in the series etc.) The rinse and repeat method in order to expand this wiki then I can refine it and hopefully make it fancy.

    (Oh and include extended links that either support or relate to the combo ninos and more pictures).

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